Disc Protrusion | What is a Disc Protrusion?

What is a Disc Protrusion?

lumbar herniated disc 2r What is a Disc Protrusion?Have you been diagnosed with some sort of disc injury and now you are wondering what that is? Here is a quick technical explanation of what occurs when a disc is protruding.

First of All, What Exactly is a Disc?

As you probably know, your back is made up of a series of individual bones, called vertebrae. They are separated by small cushions, also known as discs. These elements serve as shock-absorbing pads and are located between each of the back bones or vertebrae.

What is a Disc Protrusion?

When a disc is strained beyond its limit, the outer covering (called annulus)  may bulge or rupture. The jelly-like inner substance (known as nucleus pulposus) can be pushed out and it will put pressure on one of the very sensitive spinal nerves. This is commonly called a disc protrusion, also known as a bulging disc.

Depending on where and how the nucleus pulposus is squeezed out of its casing (could be to the back, side, with a broad or a small base etc.), disc protrusions get additional terms like: central, posterior, focal, broad based disc protrusion

Treatment – First Steps

Regardless of the type of your protrusion, this condition may go unnoticed often, since many patients do not actually feel any discomfort or pain.

However, this is not a reason to ignore it, and precautions must be taken as soon as you find out about it.

Since a bulge is mostly brought on by an unequal pressure, the first step to repairing it is evidently to get rid of this pressure.

One of the most capable tools for achieving this outcome is through an inversion table, which makes use of gravity to carefully reduce disc pressure.

This kind of negative pressure is known to help a protruding disc to return to its healthy position by itself (read more about inversion / decompression therapy).

Fixing the Condition for Good

Once you have relieved the first pressure you’ll still have to deal with the actual cause of the compression, which in each case might be different. You need to find out what originally caused the tissue to protrude in order to be able to treat it.

Next you will work with workouts targeted to strengthen weakened musculature and exercises meant for overused and tight muscles that are specifically designed for your unique condition.

To find out your underlying problem and for detailed instructions on how to proceed go grab this free back pain book.

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