Disc Protrusion

Lateral Disc Protrusion

A lateral disc protrusion is called so because it occurs at the side of the disc (lateral = on the side). It can be an intraforaminal or extraforaminal disc protrusion, or even both at the same time. Also, when a protrusion develops at both sides of the same disc, it is called bilateral protrusion.


Extraforaminal Disc Protrusion

As with many of the other types of disc protrusion, the medical term extraforaminal disc protrusion merely indicates the precise location of the disc bulge. Other than a foraminal, or intraforaminal disc protrusion, this one occurs outside the foramen (that’s the opening of the backbone were the spinal nerve passes).


Intraforaminal Disc Protrusion

An intraforaminal disc protrusion is basically the same thing as a foraminal disc protrusion. The term intraforaminal is merely used in order to show the distinction to the extraforaminal disc protrusion. These terms are only used to characterize the position or location of the actual protrusion of the disc. Hence, an intraforaminal protrusion is located […]