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Disc Protrusion vs. Herniation

bulging vs herniated disc 211x300 Disc Protrusion vs. HerniationCan you make a clear distinction between disc protrusion vs. herniation? Despite being two of the most frequent spinal injuries, many who experience them are not sure about the difference between them. Protrusions and herniations are the most typical damages in the back involving the discs, that are naturally susceptible to compression, tearing or bulging.

Common Symptoms 

Both disc protrusion and herniation can be painful or alternatively have small symptomatic influence depending on the location and severity of the injury. The conditions may both aggravate or lead to degeneration of the spine with the aging of the patient. Muscle weakness, loss of ability to move, arthritis and also numbness in the limbs are frequent symptoms brought on by both protrusion and herniation.

Both conditions can solely be discovered by employing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) since at first only soft tissues, and not bone tissues, are involved in the injuries.

The Difference – Disc Protrusion vs. Herniation

A disc protrusion develops when the external ring around the disc tears allowing the inside disc to alter form and stick out through the fibrous layer with compression.

Much like a gradually leaking tire, the gelatinous heart of the disc gets bigger after compression and bulges through the disc’s external wall.

As opposed to a protruding disc, you can imagine a herniated disc as being a tire that has gone through a blow-out. This condition may also be labeled as a ruptured disc.

Typically much more sudden and hurtful in character, a disc herniation may include the fragmentation and consequent displacement of cartilage or bone along with loss of the soft central disc fluid.

Disc Protrusion & Herniation Treatment

Herniation or protrusion of the discs can both clear up with the passage of time, exercise and bed rest. But often this is not enough, and additional treatments or even surgery can become necessary. Find out how you can develop a targeted treatment for your unique condition to avoid aggravations by reading this free back pain book.

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  1. Michelle on May 10th, 2011 9:43 pm

    This is one of the things i have wrong with my back but my question is,I have burning and stiffness in my legs,very very painful,This pain that i have in my legs is the same exact pain i have in my arms.Is this all related to the problems i have in the back?PLEASE email ASAP.Thank you very much

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    i am currently having problems with my 1/4 and l/5 discs in my back and waiting see neurosurgeon but im having so much pain in my right leg its unreal

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    I have the same thing! What do u do without surgery??

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