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Lateral Disc Protrusion

focal disc protrusion 300x128 Lateral Disc ProtrusionA lateral disc protrusion is called so because it occurs at the side of the disc (lateral = on the side). It can be an intraforaminal or extraforaminal disc protrusion, or even both at the same time.

Also, when a protrusion develops at both sides of the same disc, it is called bilateral protrusion.

Depending of the severity of the compression on the root nerve, lateral disc protrusions can vary when it comes to symptoms. An extraforaminal, also called far lateral protrusion usually causes less pain than an intraforaminal, where the spinal nerve is more likely affected.

Regardless of the severity, a disc protrusion should be treated as soon as diagnosed in order to avoid more serious damage to the disc. Get this free back pain guide to read all about what you can do about it.

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