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Intraforaminal Disc Protrusion

Anlumbar hernia3 Intraforaminal Disc Protrusion intraforaminal disc protrusion is basically the same thing as a foraminal disc protrusion. The term intraforaminal is merely used in order to show the distinction to the extraforaminal disc protrusion.

These terms are only used to characterize the position or location of the actual protrusion of the disc.

Hence, an intraforaminal protrusion is located within the limits of the intervertebral foramen (the opening where the spinal nerve passes), compressing the nerve root above the concerned disc.

As with any kind of disc protrusion, the condition should be taken care of timely in order to avoid an aggravation. Get the free back pain guide to read about how you can do this.

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  3. Anis on May 2nd, 2014 10:48 am

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please tell me where this injection is injected and what is the bad effect if it is injected wrongly in the spinal cord.

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