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Foraminal Disc Protrusion

foraminal disc protrusion 87x300 Foraminal Disc ProtrusionThe thing that sets apart a foraminal disc protrusion from a regular disc protrusion is the location of the pressure that the disc puts on the spinal nerve. In this case the compression mostly occurs on the superiorly exiting nerve root, meaning above the actually protruding disc.

Due to this particularity, it is not quite easy to correctly diagnose a foraminal disc protrusion, although the patients might feel the pain caused by it. A lot of times this condition can go unnoticed or misinterpreted.

A foraminal disc protrusion is mostly found affecting the discs at L4-L5 or at L3-L4 level, sometimes at L5-S1 level. The patients who suffer from it are typically in their fifties or older. Foraminal disc protrusions account for less than 10 percent of all cases of disc protrusion.

If not treated properly, a foraminal disc protrusion can result in a more severe herniated disc, in which case a surgery might be required.

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    alternative treatments that are based on natural and organic stuffs are the best ~

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  3. latasha on December 10th, 2010 8:22 pm

    i suffer from a disc protusion @ l5-s1 with foraminal narrowing.

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