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Focal Disc Protrusion

focal disc protrusion 187x300 Focal Disc ProtrusionA focal disc protrusion is in a way the opposite of a broad based disc protrusion when it comes to both its classification and to some degree its severity. A disc protrusion is called focal, when the actual bulge has a very small size, more precisely less than 25% of the circumference of the entire disc.

Many patients tend to disregard the condition when they hear about the low level of severity. But despite the fact that a focal disc protrusion will sound irrelevant at first, the condition should not be taken easily since it often presents a first signal of a serious muscle imbalance.

If treated in time, more fatal things like a herniated disc and back surgery can be avoided. Read this free back pain book to find out what you can do now to fix your disc protrusion.

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  2. brenda wiliams on November 8th, 2013 1:39 am

    I have been diagnosis with l4 l5 protruding disc I have a stiff neck with serious pain lower back pain hip and knee pain shoulder pain elbow , wrist and hand pain finger and joint pain

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