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Extraforaminal Disc Protrusion

paracentral disc protrusion 300x199 Extraforaminal Disc ProtrusionAs with many of the other types of disc protrusion, the medical term extraforaminal disc protrusion merely indicates the precise location of the disc bulge.

Other than a foraminal, or intraforaminal disc protrusion, this one occurs outside the foramen (that’s the opening of the backbone were the spinal nerve passes).

Often, a disc protrusion can be partly intraforaminal and partly extraforaminal, depending on which side is more affected.

Usually, extraforaminal protrusions are less painful, since the disc doesn’t impinge on the nerve root directly. It is nevertheless crucial to take care of it as soon as it is diagnosed, get the free back pain guide to find out how you can easily do this.

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