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Disc Protrusion Treatment

inversion tables good or bad Disc Protrusion TreatmentThere are various disc protrusion treatment alternatives that can help eliminate acute back pain caused by a protruded disc.

This post will talk about some of the most effective such therapy options. In order to achieve lasting results however, an effective combination of treatments targeted for your unique condition will be most successful.

Such a combination, which typically includes specific exercises for herniated discs, is set up based on which muscle areas need to be strengthened in your case. Read about how you can find about your muscle imbalances with the free 7-day back pain book or visit FixMyDiscDisease.info.

Prescription Drugs

Pain medications or muscle relaxants may help you achieve some sort of pain relief for now. Keep in mind the fact that medication normally comes with a lot of side effects, so be careful with the dosage. Furthermore, talk to your medical professional and make certain that you do not take the tablets for far too long time periods.


Whenever you are seated in the same posture for too long you place more pressure than normal on your back discs. In case your workplace is a desk or office, ensure that you get to take a walk every once in a while. Set a common practice not to sit for too long periods of time. When in your own home, perform regularly one or two beneficial exercises for herniated discs.

Physical Therapy

The procedures offered by the physiotherapist will help you lengthen and tone the muscular areas required to keep your back pain-free. This approach can take some pressure off the protruded disc and in addition helps make your back more flexible and strong.


This traditional Chinese technique is medically established herniated disc alternative treatment strategy that can help release the pain brought on by a disc protrusion. Acupuncture is making use of small needles that will activate certain energy points in your body and is a great way to eliminate back pain in the short term.

Massage Therapy

A massage therapy should be utilized in a combined treatment plan as an additional solution. Because of the comforting effect, massages will usually help relieve a bit of the acute pain, however they are not appropriate to bring long-term success.

Inversion Therapy

Spinal Decompression is a technique for enlarging the room in between the vertebrae. This approach uses an inversion table or similar devices to take pressure off the concerned disc and even pushing and pulling the disc back in its place, and so diminishing the protrusion.

Epidural Steroid Injections

These type of injections include a local anaesthetic which lasts about twelve hours, as well as steroids that serve to reduce the neural irritation. In most cases steroid injections start having an effect about a day or two following the shot. Deciding on this treatment alternative must be thought through carefully, as it is not always the most reliable option.

Back Surgery

This method should only be taken into consideration if all other treatments didn’t work. A disc protrusion surgery is a really serious matter and yes, it might even go wrong. If you decide to go for it, go speak to a few different medical professionals and try to do some research yourself. You should be perfectly up to date and confident that you do the right thing for your back.

Lasting Back Pain Relief

As already mentioned, most of these treatment choices are just addressing the symptoms, not the real causes of the problem. To eliminate the pain permanently, you will need to find the original source of your back pain. This underlying cause differs for everybody and you need to fully grasp it in order to be capable to achieve long lasting success.

You can then develop your tailored treatment program that is targeted and fits your specific circumstances. For detailed information on how to do this visit FixMyDiscDisease.info or secure a free back pain book here.

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